The seamless digital experience.

Mintis enables you to set up global shortcuts for your desktop and a chat-like command bar to control your digital tools and services.

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Powerful and Versatile

Mintis is inspired by the command line interface which packs a truckload of functionality already. We feel it’s not enough and we're augmenting it with a platform for integrations and inviting everyone to tap in.

Quick and Intentional

Pointing and clicking is a repetitive waste of time that gets unnoticed. Mintis lets you avoid this and gets you to what you need nearly instantly. Press a shortcut or write a command, it's at least 5X faster than using a mouse.

Human-like and Easy to Use

It’s unfair that only seasoned technology specialists get to use the best digital tooling. We get it, there’s a steep learning curve. That’s why we’re building it so everyone could easily set it up and start using it right away.

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