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The seamless digital experience

Enhace your workflow with sensible global shortcuts and a powerful augmented command bar.


Set up hotkeys to navigate your computer quicker than ever before.

Tile windows

Organize, resize and toggle your windows on the fly.

Switch native applications

Switch between your apps nearly instantly with your favourite key combinations.

Open links

Follow links to specific websites faster than ever before.

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Command Line

Productivity aficianados swear by the battle-tested CLI.


Search and open files on your machines without using a mouse.

Extend with apps

A wide selection of apps at the tip of your fingers.

Substitute Spotlight

No need to re-learn how to use Mintis if you're familiar with Apple's Spotlight


If it's on the internet, it probably works with Mintis.

Learn once

All apps work the same way and there's no need to re-learn how to use them.

Build your own

It takes minutes to build an app as we follow the standard web application protocols.


We've built the platform having user-centric privacy and application security in mind.

Ready to dive in?

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